Exposure Electronics

Exposure Electronics

 On the outside, our products are simple, clean and elegant. Robustly built, they offer friendly features and clear controls. Exposure believes that the best place for all the complex engineering is on the inside, where decades of research and development go into producing that renowned musical performance.

 Exposure is available worldwide from a network of specialist shops run by people who know a thing or two about the complex relationship between people, hi-fi and music. From our entry-level 2010 series to the XM, 3010 and 5010 series, we hope that you will be as delighted with the price as the sound.

Exposure is proud to be a British company based in the south of England.

Exposure products are proudly British from design to finish.

RM7,600.00 MYR
RM5,500.00 MYR
RM7,500.00 MYR
RM12,000.00 MYR