Exposure XM5 Integrated Amplifier
Exposure XM5 Integrated Amplifier
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Exposure XM5 Integrated Amplifier

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Does everything in high fidelity

The Exposure XM5 is a modern amplifier based on the amplification circuit of the Exposure 2010S2. The multi-talented Exposure XM5 has a competent DAC and phono stage installed, meaning that it takes on everything music lovers might need for it. With a high capacity 200VA custom-made toroidal power transformer and power supply means a good grip on your speakers while. Smart engineering means it takes up

Takes on everything 

The amplifier comes with 5 digital inputs features 2 coax, 2 optical and 1 usb type-B input. It also comes with 1 Aux and 1 phono input. This makes it a stellar performer that works at the heart of your system, whether in a high fidelity listening room or living room sound system. You’ll be able to plug in your record player, TV, streamer, CD player, gaming equipment and more, all at the same time. The DAC is built around the Wolfson WM8742, making it a brilliant performer.

Incredibly good sound

With serious functionality, comes great performance. It’s no secret among audio enthusiasts that Exposure Electronics builds its products for an engaging experience leveraged from 40 years of high-end audio. The Exposure XM5 is a compact unit but engineered intelligently to give you a full-sized sound and soundstage. This includes cascade circuitry, a 200 VA custom-wound toroidal transformer, and includes a specially tuned short signal path with high-quality capacitors.

Use it as a standalone preamplifier or standalone stereo amplifier

The Exposure XM5 Integrated Amplifier also features a passive preamplifier stage that ensures a polished mid-range sound and pleasing highs. An upgraded wattage from the legendary Exposure XM5 integrated amplifier means more power to drive a soundstage and the enveloping bass. 

Should you want an extra stereo-amplifier, all that’s needed is to hook up an integrated amplifier’s pre-outs, turning it from a high-performance integrated amplifier into a capable preamplifier. It also has an AV input which lets you feed an external preamplifier’s sound input into the Exposure XM5 stereo amplifier portion, bypassing the passive preamplifier.

Perfect looks in your home

Exposure Electronics' dedication to sound quality shows in its minimalist, no-fuss approach to the amplifier’s cabinet. The anodised aluminium faceplate serves to shield the electrical components from stray IR. It also has a dramatically smaller footprint than most full-sized amplifiers.


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  • Speaker Output Specifications

    • Power Output (1KHz) : 60 Watts per channel into 8 ohms
    • Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.01% at 1KHz, rated power
    • Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20KHz +/- 0.5dB
    • Channel Separation : >60dB @ 1KHz AUX 2 input open (shorted > 80dB) >40dB @ 20KHz AUX 2 input open (shorted > 63dB)

    Pre Amplifier Specifications

    • Pre Amplifier Ouput : Gain +12dB
    • Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20KHz +/- 0.5dB
    • Total Harmonic Distortion : @ 1KHz: & 1V ouput : 0.002%
    • Signal to Noise Ratio ref 1KHz & 1V ouput : >100dB, A weighted
    • Channel Separation @ 20KHz : >62dB input shorted > 41dB input open AUX 2 input

    Input Specifications

    • AV input fixed level : 450mV @ 1KHz > 12K ohms S/N > 100dB
    • AUX/PH input MM : 2.5mV @ 1KHz, 47K ohms S/N 70dB
    • AUX 2 input Line : 350mV @ 1KHz > 14K ohms S/N > 100dB
    • SPDIF inputs BNC Coax & Optical : 32 - 192KHz @ 16-24 bits
    • USB input : Linear PCM 44K1 - 192KHz @ 16-24 bits DSD x64 (DoP) Asynchronous transfer from host

    General Specifications

    • Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V @ 50/60Hz (factory set)
    • Power Consumption : 200W both channels driven, 8 ohms load
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 218mm x 89mm x 363mm (inc knob)
    • Net Weight (unpacked) : 5kg
    • Gross Weight (packed) : 6kg