Soulution 330
Soulution 330
Soulution 330
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Soulution 330

“In the large STEREO listening room, the Swiss artist underscored its claim, manifested in price, effort and workmanship, with a performance of the highest order by effortlessly releasing a highly refined, live-like shimmering and organic sound image out of any loudspeaker”

-Stereo Magazine

Together, but separate

The Soulution 330 is a component that combines a fully fledged preamp and uncompromising reference power amplifier in a single housing A first-class phonostage and D/A converter is also available as an add on.

While most integrated amplifiers combine the functions of volume control, source selection and amplification in a single multi-function circuit, the Soulution 330 integrated amplifier is built without compromise and splits all these functions into its own separate components within the chassis.

The audio section of the Soulution 330 is physically separated from the power supply and digital circuits to ensure that interferences are further reduced. These sections are additionally shielded.

Magnificent, multiplied, mono power in an integrated amp

A total of six power supplies, for each function feed the 330 integrated amplifiers. Four cutting - edge switched mode power supplies deliver 1200 VA of audiophile quality power. They feature high performance filtering at the input and output, and high speed solution voltage regulators to deliver considerably more stable power than any conventional, transformer-based technology. To further improve sound, the power amplifier section and the power amplifier section are designed in a dual-mono layout for the optimal channel separation (>105) to create a pinpoint soundstage.

Does its own warmups

The Amplifications circuit of the 330 is based on the technology used in our Series 5 amplifiers. Current amplification is done in three stages, each with an narrow, almost linear operating range. The high Class A operation supplemented by more than 160000 µF of storage capacitance results in a nearly infinite impulse response. High-precision idle current management ensures optimal Class A operation for all conditions, with no need for readjustment in music signals. Optimal sound is guaranteed immediately from switch on. Control circuits that protect against RF or DC signals at the input, and short circuits at the output ensure safe operation in all situations.

Advanced Volume Control

The 330’s volume control uses only high precision, low-noise metal foil resistors and it controls both the volume and balance. To block switching peaks during volume changes which may be hazardous to power amps, the 330 is equipped with a second volume control with Programmable Gain Amplifier. Active only during the volume control process, it is similar to a potentiometer and enables the volume to be adjusted smoothly without clicks. As soon as the new desired level value has been selected, the unit returns control to the precision resistors.

Ultimate Audio Visual with Theater Mode

Theater mode allows users to optimally integrate the 330 with AV systems. In theater mode, the input signal by-passes the preamplifier section without any adjustment for volume or balance.


The 330 integrated amplifier is operated via its three front panel buttons and rotary control. Multi-functional, these allow optimisation of the entire audio system, and an ideal set-up of the individual components. All operating modes are indicated on the clear display.

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