Audio Physic Avantera Plus

Audio Physic Avantera Plus

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When we heard the Avantera in our demo rooms in Audio Image, it sounded like a complete musical performance dropped in your living room. The Avantera plus is the most advanced version of the Avantera model. In fact, it’s one of the largest, super advanced, super speakers to come out of Audio Physic’s factory in Brilon, Germany.

Speaker build overview

It has a three and a half way configuration with a total of seven drivers. This means four side mounted seven inch woofers, a dome tweeter, a mid-bass and a booster mid-bass.

The superbly designed cabinet has been heavily braced with an elaborate internal architecture of open and sealed chambers.

The aluminum tweeters have been designed by Audio Physic’s chief engineer Manfred Diestertich to lower cone colorations. This is a three-and-a-half-way configuration with a total of seven transducers. Four side-mounted seven-inch woofers, a dome tweeter, a mid-bass and a booster mid-bass. 

Lots of Drive

The low end performance of these speakers come from eight, 7-inch drivers (four per unit) mounted on the sides of these speakers. These are vented through the bottom of the speakers to give off a spectacularly full performance. The woofer units also come with the advantage of delivering  fast, coherent performance.

The cones overall are very high-tech and well blended. The tweeter, mid ranged, and lower mid range units have been reviewed as providing some of the best performance when it comes to speaker design, with reviewers stating that it has “extremely high linearity and low distortion”.

Audio Physic has developed a tiny 1.75 diameter cone tweeter with an exceptionally light, stiff, ceramic coated aluminum diaphragm called Hyper Holographic Cone Tweeter. 

Supersonic, Stealthy Staging

The Avantera’s enclosure is heavily braced wood with an elaborate internal architecture of open and sealed chambers, designed (as is every other part of the speaker, including its optional, highly recommended VCF feet) by AP’s brilliant chief engineer Manfred Diestertich to lower typical cone colorations and facilitate the smooth blending of the drivers/ Audio Physic has used “narrow-baffle” cabinets, and the Avantera’s front panel is a mere 9.4″ wide.

The narrow baffles give the Audio Physic Avantera Plus the appearance of a slim speaker, while allowing it to disappear into the soundstage. It’s also elaborately dampened with a sandwich of materials.

Though narrow baffles (when properly designed) unquestionably allow loudspeakers to better “disappear” as sound sources—and the Avantera does this as well as any speaker I’ve reviewed—they can also create what is known as a baffle-step 

Nextgen Details

Of course, being super speakers Audio Physic has mounted the speakers terminals on an elastic plate, decoupling from the speakers. The is of course, made with WBT next-gen terminals using pure silver connectors.

Additional Items

Included with the Avantera Plus are the VCF V Magnetic feet that are actually an advanced string suspension featuring two power neodymium magnets in each foot. This suspends the speaker and decouples it from everything else in the room.




Type: Floorstanding three-and-a-halfway dynamicloudspeaker in a dual-portedenclosure with side-firing woofers
Drivers: One 1.75″ ceramic-coated aluminum cone tweeter,two 5.9″ ceramic-coated aluminum cone midrange, four 7″ ceramic-coated aluminum cone woofers
Crossover points: 150Hz,2.8kHz
Frequency response: 25Hz–40kHz
Sensitivity: 89dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 40–250W
Dimensions: 9.4″ x 45.3″ x 16.5″
Weight: 88 lbs. each