8 KVA Avia Powertrans
8 KVA Avia Powertrans (AIME)
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8 KVA Avia Powertrans (AIME)

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Protect your electronics with instant surge protection and voltage regulation.
Being music lovers, we wanted to protect our electronic equipment while enhancing its native sound. This resulted in the search for the ultimate isolated power regulator.

Built by audiophiles, for everyone.
Built by AVIA and co-designed by us at Audio Image, we’ve ensured no acoustic compromise while protecting against power surges. All this while keeping the precise flow of power needed to keep your AV equipment running in perfect condition. Each AVIA Powertrans unit that comes to our store is further modified with specially matched footers to give a better tone.

Plug and play.
Stepping up or stepping down the electrical input is easy and fuss-free. Regardless of what your incoming voltage is, bring up or down the energy output from 210 volts to 260 volts. In any case, a smooth and unchanging flow of electricity is ensured. You can further adjust it in 5-volt increments for a precise match and pairing to your equipment. Its balanced transformer design means a lowered noise floor, perfect for an uninterrupted listening experience.

Output: 2 Industrial
Input: 1 Industrial
Voltage selection range: 210V - 260V
Balanced Transformer
AIME footers