Earlier this December, we tested 12 pressings of  Pink Floyd, Dark Side of The Moon LP’s beside each other, to see how each LP sounded compared to the others. To pull this off, we gathered the usual suspects for a vinyl shootout to find out which pressing who had the best sound. Read more about the original article here.

Since then, we’ve had requests for more description about how some of our preferred pressings sound. We’ve sat down to give it some thought about which pressings sounded better and each of their notable differences.

1. The British Solid Blue Triangle, defined by a solid blue coloured record label. The pressing had a solid, well defined and powerful bass that was present throughout the recording. We were impressed with its solid sound and very sweet highs.

2. We thought the Pro Use pressing was very good, however, it had a tad bit less presence. Switching our phono stage over to invert phase helped improve the recording’s presence overall. However, we thought the British Solid Blue Triangle pressing nudged it out of the top spot.

3. Japanese Solid Blue Triangle sounds comparatively close in quality to the British Blue Triangle. It should be noted that the Japanese Solid Blue Triangle benefitted from the inverted phase setting on our phono stage.

4. Japanese Normal Pressing and Mobile Fidelity performances were sonically solid, albeit having a slightly more laidback sound. Switching over to invert phase helped with their sonics overall. It should be noted that the Mobile Fidelity pressing had a lower noise floor, likely due to Mofi’s use of JVC Supervinyl formulation.Having taken note of all these differences, it must be noted that all pressings tested to have great sound, and anyone would be very happy with any one of these in their collection.