We had the chance to listen to Carole King’s Tapestry. It’s no small matter to be one of the best selling albums of all time. With 25 million copies sold, it went on to receive 4 Grammy Awards including 1972 album of the year. The album also went on to rank number 36 in Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

We needed to put Carole King’s laid back, almost carefree vocals to the test on vinyl to see which recordings really brought out her sound. All LPs were given washes on our Kirmuss Ultrasonic Cleaner to provide the best possible sound. However, this particular shootout does prove that although two of the same labels are tested beside each other, one may still sound better than the other.

1. USA Original copy P4 matrix, powerful presence with sizzling highs. A copy, with the same label (P6 matrix), didn’t perform as well, but its sonics are still sound fantastic.

2. We tested 2 Half-Speed Masters. The first copy came close to the USA Original Copy P4 Matrix. However, the second copy had a slightly more muted sound.

3. Classic Records Released Single-Sided 45 Pressing. Very smooth sound with very low noise floor; however, it did leave more presence and highs to be desired.

4. Palas 45 Reissue. The overall sonics sounded too smooth and laid back, missing the zing factor. It did need some further highs and presence, but it did have some solid bass.

5. New Zealand Pressing. Less sizzle noticed on highs, mids and bass overall.

*Donald Fagen’s Nightfly and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon are in a different class of sonics altogether.