The Scandanavians know a thing or two about making things. Other than cheap, functional furniture they’re also known for producing some of the biggest musical acts the world has ever seen, including the chart-topping Swedish group ABBA.

The Hall of Famers and top-selling groups of all time went on to release their third album to expected worldwide acclaim, expectedly reaching the top of the charts around the world.In a time when the only way to really own a piece of music was to purchase physical copies of the album, pressing plants in the UK simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. People couldn’t get enough of the smash hits “Take a Chance on Me” and “Name of The Game”. Naturally, we pooled together our albums for a good, thorough LP shootout. 

Once again, every pressing was given the best chance possible. This included ultrasonic cleans, invert phase and etc.

Here are the results:

3. 45rpm 2LP reissue mastered in Abby road. Bass enhanced.

2. British Epic release. Very listenable.

1. Japanese Discomate. Best release of this album so far. Almost audiophile quality.