Is Blue Note Somethin' Else Worth Picking Up?

Hard Bop Alto Saxophonist James “Cannonball” Adderly is at his best in this Blue Note Label Somethin’ Else. This album features some great Jazz artists, including Miles Davis. The album was released in 1958, and now released again. It’s a definite must have for a core collection

The album’s front man, Cannonball Adderly got his nickname from childhood when his classmates called him “cannonball” or “cannibal” for his huge appetite.

Miles Davis isn’t the star, but a star on an album featuring Jazz greats. After having so many records featuring Miles Davis, I needed to have a double take on an album where it only featured Miles Davis, rather than him leading the show. Adderley actually did work with Davis in the Davis sextet, and appeared on Kind of Blue.

The other musicians are some of Jazz music greats as well, including Art Blakely on the drums, Sam Jones on bass and Hank Jones, a Hall of Famer on the piano.

The album itself comes in a regular cardboard sheath, but the real question is how does it sound? We played the album through our showroom systems.

This includes the Audio Physic Codex, along with the Soulution 330 Integrated Amplifier, TW Acustic Raven 2 with a 12 inch Graham Arm and Clearaudio Concerto V2. We're also using a AIME SEP-11 MC/MM multi curve phonostage. Burmester cables were used in the mix, along with all the secret sauces that go into the mix.

This record is an absolute dream. Listen to the first song and you’re rewarded with a question and answer style of playing between Adderley and Davis. Davis with his long striking notes and Adderley with these running frills and complex notes. The dynamics on the album makes it incredibly fun to listen, with each musician being given space in the recording.  

Give it a listen for a fun and dynamic experience.