Sansui SP-LE8T Fullrange Speakers

Sansui SP-LE8T Fullrange Speakers

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Experience the JBL LE8T full-range speaker unit with this speaker system. The LE8T unit features a 20 cm cone type speaker with a specially manufactured cone paper and sprayed with a special white damping material to achieve optimum rigidity and mass. It also boasts a 0.05-mm-thick center dome made of duralumin, attached directly to the voice coil bobbin to extend high-frequency characteristics.

The magnetic circuit uses a powerful 3 kg Alnico V magnet, while the pot type magnetic circuit with a large mass and low reluctance concentrates the total magnetic force on the top plate. The pole piece is made of high-carbon steel, and the voice coil uses an edge-wise voice coil made of ribbon-shaped aluminum wire. The aluminum die-cast frame adds durability to the speaker.

The sound is full, detailed and lively with excellent bass extension.

Designed by Sansui, the enclosure features a unique grid grill made of cypress lattice. The exterior is finished with a beautiful walnut oil finish.

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