Benz Micro MC Gold

Benz Micro MC Gold

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Micro Benz MC Gold

Enjoy faster response times and even better tracking resulting from Swiss hand-wound coil. Reduced wire on the coil also provides a more accurate high-frequency phase response and lower internal impedance for lower phono state impedances and use of a step-up transformer. 

Featured on all Series 2 models, a new rear pole piece increases generator efficiency up to 20% for a better musical drive. The rear pole piece incorporates the locking azimuth and suspension mechanism, allowing for even finer tuning for tensioning the critical suspension adjustment.

The higher output level is achieved with increased magnet strength & size. It features a cross-coil armature that has stronger Hybrid Magnets consisting of neodymium, boron and iron.

Aerospace Tech

With aerospace suspension technology, all Series 2 models have a soft butyl rubber O-ring damper, that has been custom made in the USA for Benz Micro by a company that supplies gaskets and O-rings to the aerospace industry. The O-ring’s rounded profile, strength, and resistance to temperature fluctuation provide better consistency and longer life to the cartridge and less wear.

Benz Micro has also improved the imaging with a new azimuth/suspension mechanism. Part of the new rear pole piece assembly, this locking mechanism replaces the older bonded system. Critical suspension and azimuth adjustments and are easily facilitated during production resulting in channel separation resulting in a channel separation exceeding 35dB, producing a wider and deeper sound stage with greater focus.

Flexible Use

For easier and more precise VTA adjustments, all Series 2 models feature a reduction of vertical tracking angles from 22 to 20 degrees, allowing for a more parallel orientation for proper VTA settings. With less “negative” VTA or lowering the back-end of the cartridge, easier VTA settings can be accomplished on a wider variety of tonearms. 


Cantilever: Aluminium alloy tubing
Stylus: Elliptical Diamond 
Stylus tip radius 0.3 X 0.7 mil
Coil: Cross Coil
Weight: 5.7 grams

Output voltage: 0.4mV at 3.54  cm/s rms
Internal impedance: 30 ohms
Frequency response: 20-25,000 Hz
Channel balance: Better than 1.2 dB
Channel separation: Better than 30dB at 1kHz

Tracking ability at 315 Hz at a tracking force of 2 grams: >60um
Dynamic compliance: 15 um/mN